Huskies rookie goaltender Tristen Carter has beaten vetern goaltender Reid Arsenault for top spot on the Huskies roster to start the season.
Carter boasted a 2.20 gaa and a save percentage of .915%. He also added a shutout in his first ever UFHL game.
Arsenault boasted a 3.47gaa and a save percentage of .873%. Aresenault was pulled in his first start this season after allowing 6 goals on 29 shots.
If Carter doesn't live upto the Huskies potential they can put Arsenault back in place or try Marcoux who has yet to play a game this season.
Marcoux started in two games last season allowing two goals on 32 shots. A gaa of 1 and a save percentage of .938%.
The Huskies are looking for Carter to excel as he brings alot to the table and with his young age he will get stronger. but his age and expeirence could take him down.
Carter joins a very exciting rookie class and will be tough to win the Calder trophy with such rookies as Corey Chakeen, Robert Carter, Bryce Williamson, Nick Amies, Mike Petock and many other notables.