WSHL - Article - Fans give Huskies flak for moves

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Fans give Huskies flak for moves

The Huskies are in hot water by their fans for the recent transactions which saw the team move 9 of 12 forwards and 1 D man.

The Huskies currently sit first overall with a 16-6-0-2 record and had 3 players atop the scoring race traded 2 of them 3. The fans are irrate cause the team was in a great postion for returning to the UFHL cup finals. The fans now dont know where this will put the team with eight games remaining.

GM Mike Carter said
We know we made alot of drastic moves this coming deadline, but each team except for Halifax is in the same boat as us. We made some moves which shocked the UFHL and some other GM's, but id like to go into games knowing its gonna be a game rather than a blowout. I dont want to walk over competition and feel like we didnt deserve the win.

Yes we let go some great players, but i feel we got some great players in return who will now get to demonstrate alittle more of their talents that they were unable to before. This is a great group of guys that we picked up and I know the players we let go are saddened at the shocking moves, but i hope they realize there is no hard feelings and that they will do great were they are at
The Huskies play the New Orleans who they struggled with most this season this coming week. The Rage in most peoples eyes were the big time winners at deadline and are going for that 3rd title.

The Huskies need 3 points to guarantee a playoff spot or just 1 win if Red Deer loses.