WSHL - Article - Rage announce move to North Dakata

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New Orleans are no more with their flop in the finals the team has decided to move from New Orleans as they could not come to a deal with New Orleans for a new arena.

The rage actually new the deal was not going to go through and found a new home. The Rage for the upcoming season will go under a new look change maybe a new owner and a new home in North Dakota.

Sources say that if a new owner is named it could be done in the next week. 

Sources also state that if a new owner is announced Robert Jeppson would still Be GM to Anchorage but again no official news on this yet.

Sources are saying the Jeppson is just growing tired and the Rage do not interest him anymore. He would rather spend time helping the younger players in the league, Its also been said he will leave as a player as well.

More info in the next couple days